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  1. Joseph D. Cassidy\ says:

    I am very interested in this course the last course on Staging Crime Scenes ws excellent

  2. Christina Weaver says:

    I am a student with the intent of getting into the forensic science field after graduation. Is it ok for someone like me to attend this seminar? I am very interested in attending and interested in the topics that are going to be discussed. I would like to attend and get the opportunity to meet people in the field of forensic science. I’ve never been to one before, so I don’t know how it all really works. Any feedback or additional info would be greatly appreciated.

    Christina W.

  3. Woody Hilboldt says:

    I look forward to this seminar every year. The people that put on this program, the food, the accommodations, the entertainment, and of course the seminar are top drawer. Will see y”all in October. Woody

  4. Howard West says:

    We here in Covington as well are looking forward to such Great training and hospitality.

    Howard West

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